Musical life in GermanyStructure, facts abd figures

Auteur(s):Margot Wallscheid, Stephan Schulmeistrat
Uitgever:MIZ Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum
Plaats van uitgave:Bonn
Datum van uitgave:2011
Aantal pagina's:370
Raadpleegbaar:in Muziekcentrum Vlaanderen (op afspraak)


Thanks to the extraordinary density and diversity of its musical life, Germany continues to be regarded as a 'land of music'. Not only does this reflect its rich musical legacy, it is also indicative of a living and vibrant music scene in which various genres, styles and a wide range of musical cultures can develop and unfold. With the present publication the German Music Information Centre (MIZ) is publishing selected facts and figures on Germany's musical life for an international readership. The topics range from music education to amateur music-making, and from the funding and professional practice of music to the music industry and the media.

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